New Year, New Body 2012 – How To Stay On Track for 2012


Are you guys ready for 2012?

Happy New Year BTW readers! I have got a lot of things in store for you guys this year, and I am going to start off with a series of posts specifically geared up for 2012. Here’s what you can expect:

(1) Goal setting – it all starts with a plan. Get into the right mindset for 2012 and reap from the benefits of sticking to a well-defined blueprint.

(2) Fat loss edition – if fat loss is your primary goal this year, then you will love what I have prepared – fun workout and cardio routines, easy-to-follow diet regiments, and extra tips to rev up your metabolism.

(3) Gain muscle edition – and to all the guys out there who are trying to make and impressive transformation this year, stay tuned for some exclusive workouts and meal plans!

(4) Staying motivated – everybody needs a dose of extra push once in a while. Learn how to stay motivated inside-out year round.

Before we begin, I just want to share my positive thoughts and energy to anyone who is reading this. When I was counting down on new year’s eve, there were only a couple of things in my mind:

* 2012 is going to be BIGGER and BETTER
* I am bringing my BEST package for 2012
* Nothing is going to stop me to be the BEST of me

I have never felt so motivated and encouraged; as I looked at the digital clock as it counts down to the end of 2011 and to the beginning of 2012, I was bursting with positive energyy. I am HYPED for 2012, and you should be too!

For me, it all starts with a new year’s resolution.

It’s time to realize your dreams

Do you feel like you have been under-achieving in 2011? I sure know I was. Sometimes, life can get pretty overwhelming, and heck some days you just don’t even want to wake up and get out of bed, and I’m sure you have felt this way sometime during the year. Do you know what this means?

It means it’s time to CHANGE.

So think back to 2011. If you wrote a new year’s resolution for 2011, pull it up and go through it.

* What did you achieve?
* How long did it take before you gave up on certain goals?
* What successes and failures did you face?
* What was the biggest challenge you faced? Did you overcome it?

Try to sit back, do a little bit of thinking and answer these questions.

When you are done, you want to throw out the bad and keep the good. This time round, you want to do your new year’s resolution the right way.

Goal settings revisited

(I wrote an article on goal settings couple months ago, feel free to check it out – Goal setting article)

1. First, think about what you really want. That’s right, what you really, REALLY want. There has to be that burning desire inside you, or else you won’t stick to it. Do you know how many people write ‘I want to lose weight’ on their new year’s resolution every year? Do you know how many people actually achieve it? The 2 numbers are strikingly similar. Don’t be one of those people. Know what you want, turn on the engine and go get it.

2. There’s no point setting goals you can’t achieve, so be realistic. Go back to 2011. What goals did you set at the beginning of 2011? Which ones did you achieve? Which ones did you not achieve? Most likely, the ones you achieved are the ones that are realistic. Don’t make the same mistake again this year – learn from it. No, you won’t gain a 100 lbs of muscle, but you can gain 30 – 40 lbs. No, you won’t up your bench press by 300 lbs, but you can by 100 lbs. Know THE limits.

3. Don’t set overly grand goals; be specific. Sure, it’s nice to have the goal “get in shape for summer” sticking right at you on the resolution, but really try to break it up. “Get in shape for summer” can be your overall goal, but break it up into bullets:

* Gym 3x per week and do HIIT cardio 2x per week
* Stay on a clean diet
* Aim to lose 1 lb of fat per week – micromanage if I end up losing more or less than a pound

The more you can break it up into smaller, achievable goals, the better.

4. Why did you give up on certain goals? Was it because it was unrealistic? Was it because you can’t really measure it? Was it because you didn’t think it was important enough to put in the time and effort to make it work? Whatever it is, learn from your mistakes. Think back to 2011 and figure out why. For example, your goal might be to wake up at 6 am everyday. If you go out late at night and rush back to do your homework so that you end sleeping at 3 am in the morning, do you really think you can wake up at 6 am everyday? If you really want to wake up at 6 am, you can’t be doing things that would sabotage yourself. Don’t go out so late. Don’t be so last-minute with your work.

5. With the “whys” answered, it’s time to address the “hows”. Think back to what you achieved. Did you get straight A’s for your classes? How did you do it? Did you attend lectures regularly? Did you do your homework every week? Did you go to office hours to ask questions and to better understand the subject matter? Again, learn from your successes and use your own experience to help better yourself this year.

6. Place a time stamp on each of those goals. If you are trying to make a weight class so you can get on the school team, put a time stamp on that.

7. Review your goals. Look at them everyday to remind yourself. If things start to get out of control, go back to the resolution – isn’t this what I really want? What can I do to fine tune myself? Don’t change the resolution just because you aren’t achieving something – you probably aren’t working hard enough. This is why you want to be setting sensible goals in the first place.


YOU have to MAKE 2012 the YEAR for YOU

Life is all about weathering the storms and making it bend your way. You will be taking hits along the way, but like Rocky has said in Rocky Balboa (the 6th and final movie of the franchise), “it’s not about how hard you hit, it’s about how hard you can GET hit and keep moving forward, how much you can take and keep moving forward.” 2012 is going to be an awesome year, and you have no one to thank but yourself at the end of the year.

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